Here's Archbishop Leo Cushley's schedule up until 29 February, 2020.


18 Tuesday - 1:00pm Clergy visits.
19 Wednesday - 4:00pm St Margaret of Scotland Lecture, University of St Andrews; 5:30pm Mass, St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews.
20 Thursday - Clergy visits.
23 Sunday - 11:30am Mass, St Peter’s Parish, Edinburgh.
25 Tuesday - 2:00pm Ecumenical Reference Group, Archdiocesan Offices, Edinburgh
26 Wednesday - 10:30am Distribution of Ashes, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh; 12.45pm. Ash Wednesday Mass, St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh.
27 Thursday - 1:30pm Archbishop’s Council, Archdiocesan Offices, Edinburgh.
28 Friday - 11:30am Archbishop’s Youth Initiative Meeting, Archdiocesan Offices, Edinburgh.