Holy Water stoups can be refilled meaning those entering church can bless themselves. Holy Water is a 'sacramental.' These are things that help us to live the sacramental life.

In the case of Holy Water, it reminds us of the most important day of our life, the day when we were baptised in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Blessing ourselves with Holy Water in church has always been a beautiful and treasured custom for Catholics. However, some of our young children will not have seen it for a long time now.
This is a good moment for mums and dads to teach them how and why we do this and for everyone else to help the younger ones by their good example.

Covid update

Holy Water
Holy Water may now be used by those who wish as they enter and leave church. Hands should be sanitised before contact with the Holy Water and the Holy Water should be changed regularly depending on the size of parish and the number of parishioners attending.

Plate collections
Parishes can return to plate collections during Mass, if they have not already done so. Please ensure those who distribute the plate sanitise their hands before and after distribution. Please ensure the same for those who count the monies.

Test & Protect
For Masses, services, or for parish-related activities in church halls (eg coffee mornings, children’s liturgy, catechesis), there is no requirement to collect personal information for the purposes of test and protect. However, for formal hospitality events and external/community-wide organised children’s activities, there is still a requirement to collect details.

There are presently no plans to reinstate a “contact" sign of peace, so this should be limited to a respectful bow of the head should parishes wish to do so. Parishes are asked to continue wirh good ventilation and that face coverings are still required to be worn, unless an individual is exempt.