St Patrick's in Edinburgh resounded with singing, clapping and drumming at the first African/Caribbean Mass in the Archdiocese on Sunday.

The new initiative is to take place on the first Sunday of each month at the Church, based in the city's Cowgate.

Fr Francis Ututo SMMM, the parish administrator who is from Nigeria, said: "The most exciting part for us was that the majority of the faithful were happy and seemed to have longed for such an opportunity.

"We realise a lot of families arrive in the Archdiocese from Africa and elsewhere so this Mass will help them to feel at home and get settled while also serving as a supportive Christian community."


He added: "I spoke to a Scottish woman about the Mass who described it as 'joyful' and 'colourful', she was quite emotional. So thank you to everyone who came to this first Mass - they are our pioneers!"

Fr Emmanuel Ndukwu said: "It was a really happy occasion, with lots of singing and clapping of hands."

The priests who celebrated the Mass were Fr Francis Ututo, SMMM, Fr Emmanuel Ndukwu, SMMM, Fr Kingsley Idogho, SMMM, Fr Benedict Umeohana, SMMM (Sons of Mary, Mother of Mercy) and Fr Emmanuel Alaagbaoso.

Any African/Caribbean priest who would like to take part can contact Fr Francis on 0131 556 1973.

The next African/Caribbean Mass takes place at St Patrick's, Cowgate, Edinburgh, at 1pm on Sunday 6 March. All welcome.