Parishioners from across the Archdiocese came together to “celebrate the innocence, the goodness of life” in Edinburgh recently.

They attended the annual pro-life Mass on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, at St Margaret's Chapel at the Gillis Centre.

In his homily, Archbishop Leo Cushley said: “Our business is to propose the goodness of life. It falls to you and me to do that in season and out of season, and to do it positively with a smile on our face.”

He added that “life is a gift from God to be protected in all circumstances” and called abortion "a tragedy, a shame on our culture. Pray for those involved in the abortion industry that they will come to see the goodness of life.”

Paul Atkin, pro-life officer for the Archdiocese said: "It was great to see St Margaret's Chapel full for the Innocents Mass and people came from as far as Stirling and the Borders.

"The event was organised by the parish pro-life group St David’s, Dalkeith, thanks also to the Knights of St Columba who did a great job stewarding."

If you want to be involved in helping protect the children in the womb and supporting their mothers in our Archdiocese contact Paul Atkin at