The 16th Ordinary General Assembly of Bishops began this week in Rome.

It was launched with Pope Francis celebrating Holy Mass in St Peter's Square (see here).

Bishop Brian McGee (Argyll & the Isles), who  is representing the Church in Scotland, posted on Facebook: "In the scriptures one image of God’s presence is mist...As we walked towards St Peter’s Square early this morning the Basilica was surrounded by mist (See Bishop McGee's photo, below)

"I was surprised but also comforted by the image. God is present! The Synod of Bishops will only be a true Synod if we seek the Spirit’s guidance and trust that he is always present, guiding us. Please pray that we will seek nothing but God’s Will."

Please join Fr John Deighan (Ss John Cantius & Nicholas, Broxburn) in the below Archdiocesan video in praying for its success.

The Pope video for October is titled 'For the Synod'. Watch the video below or on YouTube


How long does the Synod last?
This first session lasts from 4-29 October and takes place in Rome.
Who is representing Scotland?
Bishop Brian McGee (Argyll & the Isles) is representing the Catholic Church in Scotland
Who is taking part?
It is mainly for Bishops from across the world  (hence the title The 16th Ordinary General Assembly of Bishops) but there is lay representation and women from relgious orders.
Where can I watch the Synod Sessions?
Vatican Media Live on YouTube. Most sessions will not be broadcast. But there will be a briefing to summarise the day's work.
Can I follow on social media?
Yes - official channels have been created for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bishop Brian will be giving updates from Rome on the Facebook page of the Diocese of Argyll & the Isles.
Is there an official website?
Yes, it's It includes FAQs, resources, news and more.
Is there a working document?
Yes, the instrumentum laboris. Participants. will use this as a guide for the duration of the Synod. Find it here.