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  • Sunday Mass with Archbishop Cushley is available each Sunday at 9am. It is posted on our Facebook page and in the News & Events section of this website. Mass is also available in Polish, from 10am, and in the Syro-Malabar rite, from 11am.
  •  The Bishops' Conference of Scotland prayer booklet for when Mass cannot be celebrated publicly is available here.
  • Archbishop Cushley has asked us to recite the Memorare each day to Our Lady, Health of the Sick. Click here.
  • Fasting from the eucharist, by Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). Click here.
  • How to make a spiritual communion. Click here.

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Friday 03 April 2020 (AM)

Archbishop Leo Cushley joined faith leaders in Scotland to call for people to look out for the most vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak. Read here.

Thursday 02 April 2020 (AM)

Holy Week is almost upon us. We've compiled a daily guide for families so that children are prepared spiritually for Easter. Find out more here.

Tuesday 31 March 2020 (AM)

Watch this morning's reflection with Sr Mary Pierre Wilson here

Monday 30 March 2020 (AM)

Archbishop Leo Cushley has announced the launch of morning video reflections for 'daily encouragement and prayer' during the coronavirus lockdown. The videos will be posted on Facebook each morning at 8am in the lead up to Easter. Read more here

Sunday 29 March 2020 (AM)

Sunday Mass with Archbishop Leo Cushley can be watched here. Mass in Polish can be viewed here. Mass in the Syro-Malabar rite is here

Friday 27 March 2020 (AM)

Pope Francis will pray before an empty square at St Peter's Basilica today to give a special blessing in response to the coranvirus outbreak. It takes place today at 5pm (6pm Rome) and those who participate by watching or listening live will receive a plenary indulgence.

Read our article here.

Wednesday 25 March 2020 (PM)

Archbishop Cushley today highlighted on national radio how people are rising to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic with "acts of selfless love".

He spoke on BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland, to discuss how examples of good deeds and self-sacrifice are providing inspiration to millions of people across the world.

Wednesday 25 March 2020 (PM)

Archbishop Cushley has issued his latest update to priests and deacons on Covid-19 procedures. He shares the message with you here, so everyone is aware of the details they have been given. In this way we can all work together to keep safe.

Read it here.

Update Tuesday 24 March 2020 (PM)

Statement from the Bishops' Conference of Scotland:

"The outbreak of Covid 19 virus in Scotland demands from all of us a response which recognizes the serious threat to all people, especially the elderly and those with underlying illnesses, and our duty of care to them. Having given due consideration to the words of the First Minister yesterday evening, we, the Bishops of Scotland, agree that our churches should be closed during this period of national emergency for the common good. There will be no celebrations of baptism or marriage but we will continue to offer prayers for those who have died and for their families who mourn their passing. The Church is not only a building but the people of God at prayer wherever they may find themselves. We encourage all Catholics and all people of faith to pray unceasingly in their homes for our nation at this time in particular for our political leaders, our health care professionals and all those suffering from the virus. May this lived Lenten experience lead us to new life and healing at Easter."

Monday 23 March 2020 (PM)

Monday 23 March 2020 (AM)

Archbishop Cushley has praised the creative efforts of parishes who broadcast Mass on the internet on 'Stream Sunday'. Many priests, deacons and parishioners collaborated to post Holy Mass, reflections and prayers at the weekend to help people take part in an act of 'spiritual communion' in the absence of public Mass.

Archbishop Cushley said: "On Sunday, many of our parishes got online to reach out to their communities. It is great to see so many working together to make this happen." Our video (above) features Fr Sebastian Thurthippillil, of St Barbara's Parish in Whitburn/Armadale, demonstrating how to use Facebook live. Deacon Eddie White, of St John's & St Mary Magdalene's in Edinburgh, described the "phenomenal" response to their first stream using YouTube.

He has put together a guide on YouTube streaming. Click here to access it.


Sunday 22 March 2020

“Let my prayer come before you like incense.”

In this disturbing time for the world and for the Church, we feel the need more than ever to “lift up our hands in prayer.” Even when the Mass is not available or we are confined to home or hospital, we can still bring ourselves, and our hopes and fears, before the Lord, asking for his strength and consolation. We can remain part of the worldwide prayer of the Church, asking the Father to deliver us from our current evils, and through the practice of spiritual communion unite ourselves to the Eucharistic Sacrifice our priests will be offering privately. We can still keep the Lord’s Day holy. The prayers in below link are offered to help us do this. Surely our voice will be heard.

Click here to view the booklet

With every blessing,

+ Hugh Gilbert OSB,
Bishop of Aberdeen, President of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland


Friday 19 March (PM)

Q&A with Archbishop Cushley. This video was recorded AM Friday 19 March. We appreciate guidelines are changing all the time and will keep you updated.

Wednesday 18 March 2020 (PM)

Following today's announcement that all public Masses in Scotland are to be suspended, Archbishop Cushley contacted all clergy in the Archdiocese to give further clarity. He shares the full message with you here so everyone is aware of the details our clergy have been given. In this way we can all work together to keep safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please pray for your parish priest, show them support and encouragement as they minister to us in a difficult situation.

Archbishop Cushley's message to Catholics in our Archdiocese tonight:

Wednesday 18 March 2020 (AM)

The Bishops' Conference of Scotland has announced that no public Masses will be celebrated in Scotland from Friday 20 March as the coronavirus continues to spread. Read their letter here.


  • Holy Mass in public suspended from Friday 20 March.
  • Priests will continue to celebrate Mass in private, praying for those suffering from Covid-19 and those who care for them.
  • Churches to remain open for private prayer.
  • Priests asked to be available for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick and Holy Communion as and when they are needed, especially for the
    sick and housebound.
  • Baptisms, funeral Masses and weddings - only close family are invited.


Wednesday 14 March 2020 

The Archdiocese began its precautions a fortnight ago, stepping them up gradually last week and is doing so again in a measured way as part of our duty of care to parishioners.

Here are the latest guidelines for our Archdiocese:

  • Do not attend Church if you are showing any symptoms at all or have been in recent contact with someone known to be a carrier.
  • There is no obligation to attend Church if you are over 80 years of age or over 60 with underlying illness, or if you have very young children in your family.
  • Be safe yourself, and remember your responsibility to others.

You can watch daily Mass live from St Francis Xavier's Church in Falkirk by clicking here.

In order to combat the coronavirus, Archbishop Leo Cushley has made it mandatory that clergy and the faithful of the Archdiocese put in place the following measures:

  • Holy Communion to be received in the hand, avoiding physical contact;
  • Holy Communion may be received on the tongue as long as the Communicant presents in such a way that the Sacred Host can be placed on the tongue without contact;
  • Reception of the Precious Blood from the Chalice to be suspended;
  • Holy water stoups to be emptied;
  • The Sign of Peace to be omitted or replaced with another gesture, such as a slight bow of the head, avoiding physical contact;
  • Clergy and Extraordinary Ministers to wash their hands or use sanitising gel before and after the distribution of Holy Communion.

Archbishop Cushley is reminding us all to follow guidelines from health authorities and to look out for the vulnerable in our communities.

He added: “Along with our Holy Father Pope Francis, please pray for those for whom this has become a tragedy. Don’t forget those in self-isolation, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Please reach out to them either by phone or social media; offer help, and let them know they are not forgotten.”

These measures are temporary and are offered in view of our responsibility for each other’s health. They will be reviewed again at Easter.

Read the NHS guidelines here. Read the latest UK Government guidelines here. Scottish Government updates here.